Romenzo normal to oily skin facial cleanser | Deep Action

Romenzo's Deep Action face cleanser contains tea tree oil, allantoin, chamomile, lactic acid, alpha arbutin, and evening primrose oil, which regulate skin sebum secretion and relieve and reduce skin inflammation and redness. Besides these, it provides deep moisturizing, anti-freckle, and brightening effects. Skin is constantly exposed to various environmental pollutants and bacteria, and the accumulation of cosmetics, fat and dead cells on the skin's surface can endanger skin health. With the daily use of face cleanser, you can restore health and vitality to your skin.

Volume: 330 ml

Product Description:

- Regulation of skin sebum secretion

- Prevent blackheads

- Anti-freckle and brightening effect

- Suitable for daily use

- Cleansing skin pores

- Reduction of wrinkles

How to use:

Apply the right amount of the product on the wet skin of the face and massage for two minutes, then rinse.